Get the Best Cash for your Old Truck with King Auto


So, your truck’s life is drawing to a close. The automobile that has done such a great job of helping you and your business flourish hasn’t got many more Km’s left to drive. Soon, you will have nothing to drive large loads to your desired destination. It won’t be long now until you need to get a replacement. But that isn’t all you will need to do. You will need to get rid of the clunker that used to be your most useful asset.

Where to Sell Permanently Broken Down Trucks

You are tired of all the break-downs, and you are wary of paying all the time to get repairs done. So, how are you going to get rid of it? Surely no-one would ever buy it off you. It is a scrap truck, who’s going to want to buy a truck that is on its last legs? If you live in Auckland, the answer to this conundrum is easy: King AutoTruck Wreckers Auckland.

Top Cash for your Old Truck Now!

King Auto buys cars all the time. But they also buy trucks. Trucks that no-one will buy due to being un-driveable. They will buy your car within the same day that you contact them! This is just one thing that makes selling to King Auto the superior option.

Selling any other way, especially the private market, will take a lot of time and effort. At the end of it, you will end up with far less than your truck is worth.

After King Auto buys your truck, you can then enjoy our free removal service. And it doesn’t matter what make or model of truck it is that you are selling. They will buy it off you.

What are the Steps to Selling your Truck Fast?

The first step toward selling your truck as quickly as possible and for as much money as you can is to contact King Auto. There are two contacting options to choose from. One is to give them a call on the phone. The number to dial is 0800 113 112. Or, you have the option of getting in touch with King Auto via their website. There is a quote request form on their website’s main page. It is very straight to the point and easy to fill out.

How to Figure Out the Value of your Used Truck

You will need to tell them about what make and model your truck is, what condition it is in, and how old it is. These are all factors that influence the value of your truck. The expert valuation professionals who appraise how much trucks are worth have a lot of experience. They will look at the parts on your truck that can be re-used, and how much your truck weighs. Also, they look at how much your truck’s parts will be in demand based on how popular the make and model is.

Get Top Cash for your Truck Today

King Auto wants to make it possible for all trucks to be sold for top cash. Get in touch with them today and get the best deal for your truck!

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